5. Tell me something about the ugly ep and other ep’s mixtapes, which one is your favorite and what we can expect in future from Dope DOD
Our current favorite is the Ugly EP! Our best work to date. Check out the Ridiculous pt II video we dropped featuring Redman! The legend! Right now we workin on 2 projects set to drop late this year and early 2016. One of em iz a collaboration with another crew. I wont go into details just yet 😉 But its gonna b some fresh new shit!
6. ‘’What happen’’ is your most popular song, what was inspiration for that song, and is it a “marketing trick”?
It just came in the right place…right time…We had no strategy to it….We brought that shit a lot of people were missing for a while!
At a time where hip hop was goin in a good direction anyway…We got many artist from our generation that are doin dope shit right now…Kendrick, Asap, Tyler…for example.
7. Tell me about your workship with popular rappers like Onyx, Redman, Sean Price?
Its every rappers dream i guess…to be able to work with those that inspired them to rap. It will still be a while before that has truly sunk in i think….Right now we just ridin the wave! takin shit over! Paying homage to the old school…Whilst building with this new generation!
We still in our 20’s…Even tho we 5 years in the game now…we feel like we only just getting started!


8. Who are your favorite MC’s from Old & New School And what you think about TRAP?
There are too many…The early / mid 90’s rappers used 2 be our favorites…Nas…Busta…Hit Squad…Wu Tang…Onyx…Outkast…
New school would b J.Cole…Asap Mob…Wiz…Odd Future…Black Hippy…2 name a few!
Trap iz dope! like any other form of music…when its done right! u got sum bangers out there!

J. Cole

9. What is hip hop for you?
The dopest form of expression ever….
10. Can you give some message for next hip hop generations and your fans?
Give something a chance before you judge it! Dont always follow a trend….or someone’s else’s opinion. Live free!
Life iz as good as u make it…We gonna keep rockin 4 y’all!
11 How you like Serbia, Belgrade, and can we expact your return?
We love it out there! The show we did was our first ever and it waz a full house! One 2 remember for sure! Till next time….

Dope D.O.D.

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