1. How is founded dope d.o.d. and how are you able to connect the sound of dubstep with rap, how it came up with that you are recognizable only by the sound which I must admit is very unique?

How did jesus walk on water? how did the egyptians build pyramids?…….


Which Means, somthing like this… 🙂

2. How did you get your nicknames and do you have a song on Dutch laungage?
By skipping school, smoking a lot of weed and becoming obsessed with hip hop. We dont have a dutch song.
3. You started as duo of darknes with duo, now you have trio and are you thinking about expanding your dark family?
Our family iz way more then the three of us! We roll with a group of around 20 in total…Da Butcha, Gold Minerz, Chubeats, Mulu, Songolo, Diggles…Just a few of da squad members…As we get bigger and rise 2 da top! the army grows stronger!
4. What is your style of lyrics? Are you always raping about sex, drugs, darknes, and your skilz?
We fuck with many different styles and subject matter. Each project we released has a more layed back song on it as well…
for example “Slowmotion” and “Candy Flippin” on ‘Branded’…’Lil Bit a Xtc’ on “Da Roach” and “Otherside” on “Master Xploder’.
We do story telling shit like ” Staring Thru Da Blinds” or “Mothership”….Most of our albums have a certain storyline 2 it in the first place…a theme thats mentioned throughout the entire project.

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