Tužne vesti za sve ljubitelje hip hop muzike. Lil Wayne je izjavio na konferenciji za novinare da mu je ostalo još samo par meseci života. Što su potvrdili i njegovi doktori. Lil Wayne boluje od raka kože koji je u 4 stadijumu.

lil wayne

Nastavak  vesti ćemo vam ostaviti na engleskom da pročitate

Hip Hop fraternity is facing a major downfall as the year just began on the low with sad news from YMCMB camp and Lil Wayne. New Orleans rapper, Lil Weezy made a very shocking announcement last week in Atlanta after calling a press conference to share the most shocking news. Wayne, who seemed to have lost a considerable amount of weight sadly informed his fans and reporters that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and his doctors have said that he only has a week to live.

According to his doctors, Lil Wayne was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer earlier this month and there is nothing that can be done to save him.
 “With 80% percent of his body covered in tattoos our scanners were always falling to detect the cancer in his skin all the time until it reaches stage 4…The only thing we advice him is to enjoy the few days he got left. Wayne always visited me for regular check ups so we were close, The only thing he pissed me off with was stealing my cough syrup every time he visited”. Said Dr Williams, one of Lil Wayne’s doctors.

With nothing else to do about the sad situation, Lil Wayne has decided to spend the remainder of his life with his YMCMB crew. Weezy has also requested that Lean should be the main drink at his funeral.

“I would be grateful if someone can always pour a bottle of codeine and promethazine cough syrup every week on my tomb while two red bones twerk on either side of my grave…I’m dying a happy man and I hope ya’ll remember me”. Lil Wayne said, before leaving the shocked fans and reporters. The rapper was recently turned down by his tattoo artist when he requested to have the words ‘F$%# CANCER’ tatted on his manhood before he dies.