NOVO: Eeva – Didn’t I




Eeva – Didn’t I

Well sometimes it don’t work out the way that we plan
And I can’t stay mad cause a man’s still a man and
Sometimes we women can be so demandin’
I been a drama queen I can’t change who I am

Yet I don’t think I did anything to deserve all that you did to me
And I’m not havin this crazy amount of bullshit that you hid from me

I was on the road for a show, you took the devil’s dance
And it was hard to let go, when I caught you red-handed
It hurt like a bitch but I gave it a chance
But then you got hooked on your little quick romances

Who you think you are?
Trying to pull some bad-guy-gone-good gimmick
You’ve gone too far, I ain’t with it, I ain’t with it

Told you that you was gone get fucked up
Didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I
Told you that you’d be back for my love
Didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I
Can’t believe that this happened to us
Guess I gave it way too much
Didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I

At some point we was tight on some Jigga and Bey shit
But you left me Blu like you ain’t even mean it
When you said you were happy and I was the reason
You love gettin’, not havin
I shoulda seen it

Now I got different plans
Than having you here wishin that you aint did it
Fuck you think I am
I ain’t with it, I ain’t with it